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U.S. Democracy Is In Danger of Becoming Extinct

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The U.S. Democracy is in danger of becoming extinct. The enemy who has succeeded on the assault of our Democracy though is not some other nation or even terrorist organization.

The chief enemy has been our own U.S. Supreme Court coupled with the Democratic Party’s ineptness to stand up to the number of attacks by the Court.

As there is no opposition we now see GOP Supreme Court Justices going to political strategy sessions hosted by the Koch Brothers with no move to impeach them.


Consider the following events:

1. In December 2000 the Supreme Court without precedent or any legally cited authority told the State of Florida that they could not continue with their recount in the Presidential Election between Gore & Bush.

As a result of this decision we had the Iraq War and George Bush appointing both John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Two conservative Justices were added to the court that would not have been added had the Court allowed the Florida recount.

2. In 2006 the Court could not come to a decision on Gerrymandering challenges. The end result is that in the last election even though the majority of Americans voted for the Democratic Candidate, more Republican house seats were still won.

3. In 2010 the Court made the Citizens United decision opening the flood gates for financial donations by corporations to candidates. With no dollar limits, the U.S. has become the only “free nation where bribery is perfectly legal and completely private and untraceable by high court endorsement A recent joint study by Princeton and Northwestern University concluded that this decision has resulted in the U.S. no longer being a democratic republic but is now an oligarchy.

4. In 2012 the Court chose to uphold the Appeals Court decision that the military can now come into our homes without a warrant and arrest us without charges, detain us for an unlimited indefinite period without access to either legal representation or due process.

5. This week the Court used the same rationale that was used to imprison Japanese Americans during World War II as justification for the President to discriminate against Muslims.


Today we are faced with the strong probability that the Court will go even further to the right and deprive us of more civil liberties with a new Trump Appointment.

With Supreme Court appointments under Trump now only requiring a majority vote instead the 60 that were required before, more extreme candidates will now come from whoever is President.

With the two appointments made by George Bush because, the Obama appointment that was stolen by the GOP, and now what appears to be two right wing Trump appointments there is a strong prospect that the Supreme Court will be far to the right of the American people for decades to come.

The Republicans may have won the battle to have a right wing court but the cost has been the loss of a democratic republic for all Americans.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis warned that “We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few; but we can’t have both

We would be wise as a nation to heed this warning and reverse course before our course is irreversible.








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