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Future's Workshop With Joe Tankersley

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Source: WHALE Center

Futures Workshop

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the tools of strategic foresight and share methods for using futures thinking as a way to create more robust strategies for sustainable tourism.

Strategic foresight traces its origins to the work of systems thinking pioneers like the Rand Corporation in the days following the second world war. The same techniques were further developed by NASA’s Futures Team in the early 70s as a way to help the organization reimagine its future after the end of the Apollo program. Since then futures teams have been created for global businesses, national governments, and nonprofits.

As we enter an era of ever-increasing uncertainty and accelerating change, futures teams and foresight thinking become even more important. The unique approach helps to broaden participants’ horizons, overcome hidden biases, and produce anticipatory strategies.

The workshop will explore how to apply those same practices to help speed the spread and ensure success of sustainable tourism efforts. Attendees will participate in development of sustainable tourism scenarios and define preferred visions for the future of the domain. They will leave the workshop with new thinking skills and specific ideas for new sustainable tourism projects.

Joe Tankersley is a writer, futurist, and former Walt Disney Imagineer. He combines his broad experience as a storyteller with a deep knowledge of strategic foresight to help organizations create compelling visions for better tomorrows... Read More

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