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Pakistan Global Healing 2017 Annual Report

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The abuses of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are some of the starkest examples of persecution in Pakistan. They have been devastating for minorities, including Christians, who must always act with caution in case an allegation of blasphemy is raised to settle a personal score. This year, a blasphemy case was brought against a boy for simply responding to a cartoon about Islam on social media.


Society in general is becoming increasingly Islamic in Pakistan, and Christians make up just 2 percent of the population. There are reports of Christians being treated aggressively simply for wearing a cross, and cars with Christian stickers are more likely to be stopped by the police.

But this type of harassment is mild in comparison with the experience of hundreds of Christian women and girls- and estimated 700 are abducted every year in Pakistan. They are often raped and forced to marry Muslim men, which also involves forced conversion. If their families complain, they are accused of harassing the ‘voluntarily converted’ girl and her new family.

Extremist militants such as the Taliban and the Islamic State specifically target Christians; the ester 2017 bombing in Quetta by the Taliban was specifically aimed at Christians, and killed dozens of people.

A new law allows the government to monitor and close down NGOs, and any church not registered as an NGO will be considered illegal. Church activities are regularly watched- although security is provided to many churches by the authorities, these security personnel report back on what they observe. There are even some reports of these guards attacking church leaders. Each bible printed by the Bible society of Pakistan has a serial number so that it can be traced and tracked.

But your support and prayers make a real difference to the lives of our brothers and sisters facing extreme persecution in Pakistan. One believer, whose wife has received trauma care through a local partner, says:

My wife Nuzhat has 22 wounds in her body after our church was attacked by extremists. Its amazing to see how she has grown through the singing and music therapy. The road to recovery is long but I have my wife back”.



The situation on the ground is that millions of children in Pakistan receive no formal education whatsoever. Till the Seventies, Pakistan had mainly two types of educational institutions; government schools and colleges, which used to set the standards, and institutions established by charitable organizations that were worthy competitors. Education related expenses were reasonable. As a reaction to the nationalization of private educational institutions, charitable organizations stopped investing in this field.

Government became the sole service provider. This had two very serious and long term adverse effects on the education sector: first, merger of private and public institutions removed the element of competition and quality began to deteriorate rapidly and it has reached a very low level by now; second, because of resource constraint, and lack of political will, the growth of public sector institutions could not keep pace with the increase in demand created by rapidly growing population.

This ever-widening gap between supply and demand provided great opportunities for profiteering to private schools often established for this very purpose. In most of the private schools, quality of education has the least priority. Unsuitable premises, untrained teachers, unacceptably large class size, and inadequate attention to character building are generally the distinguishing features of such institutions.

Private schools, in order to make unfair profit, impose unreasonable educational costs on the parents. Lower middle class households have large families and small incomes at their disposal. Nearly all of them, therefore, find it impossible to meet educational expenses of their children from their legitimate earnings. Consequently, the concerned parents have to choose between sending their children to affordable third-rate schools or to find fair or unfair means to augment their incomes. In the absence of sufficient honest sources of supplementing income, large number of parents reluctantly indulges in corruption.

Government, donor agencies, and foreign aided NGOs are correctly engaged in addressing the needs of low-income groups. On the other hand, not enough attention is being paid to the plight of middle class families who are expected to fend for themselves in the education market. It is not fair, as market forces should not be allowed to determine educational expenses.

Quality education is a fundamental right of every child in a civilized society, and government invariably is the primary service provider. But the Government is just not interested in promoting education; it only wants to use it as a ploy to get more and more foreign aid.

We know that Governments do not have the will or desire to change the dismal state of education. But are we, as citizens, so handicapped that we cannot bring about a social revolution on our own, and thereby generate so much pressure on the government that it is forced to change its attitude. There are a lot of people who offer enormity of problems as an excuse for their inaction. We agree with them that no individual can solve the entire problem but, as individuals, we are not expected to do so. We must hold ourselves accountable for the power and resources available to us. The test question is; have we used the available resources for optimum benefit of the society. And this question we must ask ourselves before we judge the actions or omissions of others.

The fact is that citizens can do a lot. Instead of feeling frustrated about the dismal state of education and indifference of the government towards this sector, we, the concerned citizens decided to act. It is our belief that if we, the Pakistanis, are not willing to invest for our better future then we have no right to such a future.


Global Healing Initiative Pakistan (GHI) is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian social welfare organization. It was established in 2011 and is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The organization came into being with strong determination, commitment and dedication of a group of volunteers with a vision to bring about positive social change. It is affiliated with UCC Whale center Global healing Initiative USA, which is a multi-region cooperation circle of United Religion Initiative.

We aspire to work for women empowerment to elevate their economic and social status by educating them about key women issues, and providing them legal and moral assistance in the wake of domestic violence. We are ardent believers of human rights and encourage the masses to bring about the change in attitude towards children, women, the disabled and victims of injustice by raising voice and by personal change. When disaster strikes in Pakistan we are there to save lives with medical care and health education, and we also aim to reintegrate their life into society by rebuilding their homes. In addition, we are enthusiastically working to bring people of different faith communities together to nurture an environment of inclusiveness, acceptance, justice and peace!


Our vision is a compassionate community which promotes care, peace, equality and justice.


Our mission is to alleviate suffering and restore lives of disaster stricken people, impact the live of women disadvantaged by social circumstances, strengthen relationships between different faith communities and speak for the silent.


  1. To promote spirit of peace-building among different community groups through workshops, seminars, conferences, and distribution of publication material.
  2. To assist and rehabilitate the victims of natural and man-made disasters by provision of medical care, food and shelter.
  3. To raise the voice against exploitation and injustice if found against any individual, class, community in the society.
  4. To promote the socio-economic status, gender equality and empowerment of Women, by capacity building, advocacy, provide entrepreneurship skills, and social services.



GHI organized peace rallies and seminars on interfaith harmony and peace building, religious and community leaders participated in these programs



GHI celebrated international Peace Day at 17 S Block Model Town Lahore on 21st September 2017. The political, religious, community leaders, teachers, parents, students participated in this program. Mr. Patras Dewan Chairman of Global Healing Initiative. And Sister, Raphael Taj were the Honourable Guests of this program. Mr. Patras Dewan and Raphael Taj addressed the audience and emphasis on tolerance and peace- making efforts for peaceful community. 25 people were awarded peace maker 2017 from Global prosperity and Peace Initiative organization. All the peace ambassadors were very excited. The event was wonderful.


Mr. Gulfam Sabar Finance Secretary of Global Healing Initiative participated Asia health awareness conference on April 2017. This meeting was very helpful for GHI. After participation of this meeting Mr. Gulfam Sabar did wonderful work for the health awareness in rural areas in south Punjab.


Mr. Gulfam Sabar Visited Bangladesh and hold meeting with peace ambassador Dr. Gulfam Ara and discus how to work together for health and education sector. Mr Gulfam Sabar Extended invitation from GHI to Dr. Gulfam Ara to visit Pakistan to help rural area of south Punjab for health and education awareness program.


GHI organized one day one blood camp with the collaboration of fatimid foundation at catholic church Bahar colony Lahore. 66 Catholic Church members Donated blood for thalassemia children.


Mr. Jonton a member of Global Healing initiative Pakistan. He was very active member. By profession he is professor and running language institution in district Gujrat he was persecuted being Christian. He was threaten to close his institution otherwise they will kill him and his family. The extremist. They file false case of blasphemy against them in police station due to this reason Mr jonthen flee from Pakistan to Sri Lanka to save their lives. The Global healing initiative Pakistan plays the vital role. Mr. Gulfam Sabar and Mr. Patras Dewan personally visited them Sri Lank Colombo twice provided them legal assistance.


GHI is running a vocational training center at Chak No. 133/16-L Amarat Nagar, Mian Channu. 39 girls and women are getting skill of stitching of ladies dresses and embroidery work.

GHI plans to expand this program in other villages and looking for resources from their friends and well wishers.



GHI is running a school for orphan and poor children. The children were given books, stationary, uniform and shoes. At present there are 336 children getting free education. 10 teachers, 1 office assistant/accountant 2 security guards and a lady worker are serving in this school. The increasing the school children day by day we have not enough place to keep them we are looking forward our friends and well wishers to join us in this noble cause so we can build a new building for school.


  1. Mr.Gulfam Sabar attended health awareness conference and training in Singapore, Kalama pure Malaysia and Bangkok Thailand. September 2017
  2. Mr. patras Dewan, Mrs. Nasreen Ilyas and Ms Sajeela Iqbal .attend Interfaith meeting Kalama pure Malaysia October 2017.
  3. Ms. Zubaida Shamim, General Secretary of GHI participated in peace building training in Luxemburg, France and Germany in November 2017 After coming back, she shared her training to the local communities.


Mr. Patras Dewan Chairman of GHI and a gust Mr. Mike from USA and Zohaib Younas attend religious prayer meeting Mr. Mike was invited to share his spiritual experience.


Christmas celebration was organized by URI at peace center Lahore Mr. PatrasDewan Chairman of Global Healing Initiative presenter peace maker awards to Rev. Dr. Fr, James Channan Op. Regional Director of URI and Mr. Asher Nazir Executive Secretary of URI Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad Grand Amam Badshahi Mosque Lahore Pakistan. Presented awards with Mr. Patras Dewan.


On behalf of Global Healing Pakistan, I am extremely thankful to my all friends and co-workers for their sincere help and suggestion to improve and implement the activities of the projects. I am grateful for the moral and financial support of friends and well wishers of Global Healing Initiative Pakistan.

I am thankful to the heads of other organizations and institutions for their encouragement and participation in ongoing programs. I am grateful to the Executive board of GHI for their guidance and help to promote the activities of GHI. I am grateful to the staff of Global Healing Initiative for their hard-working, co-operation and commitment to their duties.

Ms Zubida Shamim Dewan

General Secretary

Global Human Initiative




Celebration of International women’s Day





Dewan, P. (2018). Pakistan Global Healing 2017 Annual Report. Retrieved from


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