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The Quality of Life

Source: Global Healing

So long as we continue to breathe life goes on.
It continues, proceeds, abides.

All Life is quantitative.
     Our minutes become hours, then days.
     Our days become weeks, then months.
      Our months become years
                throughout a lifetime.



Our life is a process-a series of steps    
upward or downward to somewhere.


     We are ever departing, arriving,
         departing again. Yet we are always
              in a somewhere partaking of
the strange and the familiar.

Herein and thereby we find quality in our life;
       some degree of excellence or failure,
           often co-mingled, sometimes affirmed,
                sometimes disputed by others.


The quality of our journey, of any portion there of,
is ours, and ours alone, to recognize and acknowledge.


We cannot control the outcomes but we can control
our response to any outcome of any event .


We are the Ultimate Umpire, the Final Judge, the Supreme Court,
     with the right to hear appeals and change our mind.


We have the final say so!
In tragedy or triumph; .
     calamity or celebration,
          in any season,


We are the author, director, and leading actor in the story of our life!

We choose to be
strong or weak, wise or foolish,
     cowardly or courageous, cautious or impulsive.


Compliments and criticism will come,
some of each appropriate, some not.
They are the essence of the human predicament,
while we remain the author, director,
       and leading character in our developing story.

- Aubrey A Crawford



Crawford, D. (2016). The Quality of Life. Retrieved from


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