Sikhala pays tribute to people of Malawi

Source: The Zimbabwe Mail
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HARARE - Zimbabweans have a lot to learn from the people of Malawi who have confronted a dictator in their quest for democracy, MDC99 leader, Job Sikhala, has said.

In an interview with a Zimbabwean newspaper following his recent visit to Malawi, Sikhala said the economic policies that were affecting people’s living conditions in the overpopulated country were similar to those formulated by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) government before the GPA.

“Mugabe and the troubled Malawian President, Bingu wa Mutharika, are close friends. Mugabe actually based his style of governance on similar policies enforced by ‘bad’ friends such as Bingu wa Mutharika. The dictatorship in Malawi is similar to that in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Comparing the flailing economy to what Zimbabwe experienced before the formation of the inclusive government, Sikhala noted that anger among the Malawian population had reached boiling point.

“There are a lot of similarities between the skewed economic policies of the two ‘failed’ Southern African States,” he said.

Sikhala projected a wave of dissatisfaction sweeping throughout Southern Africa, similar to the uprisings which have taken place in North Africa.

“Malawi is just the starting point.”

The people uprising in Malawi has already claimed 18 lives at the hands of ruthless government-armed forces. - The Zimbabwean



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