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International Days Series

Speak St. Pete

This series included, speakers, conferences, and workshops for the Following International Days:

  • World Water Day - March 22nd
  • International Mother Earth Day - April 22nd
  • International Day for Biological Diversity - May 22nd
  • World Environment Day - June 5th
  • World Oceans Day - June 8th

The program was funded by the St. Petersburg Environmental Research Center (SPERC)

CARE2 assisted in bringing 397,000 online viewers from 110 different countries and territories to the program via live internet broadcast and podcast on itunes.

Project Administration - WHALE Center

Leadership Team

  • Dr. David W. Randle, President & CEO, WHALE Center (Project Director)
  • Chris Falhman, Executive Director, Mahaffee Theater
  • Dr. Noel J. Brown, President & CEO, Friends of the U.N. (U.N. Liaison for the project)

Key Outcomes:

  • Provided pilot through World Environement and World Ocean Day events for International Oceans Institute Waves of Change campaign      
  • Provided global support for World Ocean Day to become an official U.N. Day the following year.
  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of bringing the global community together for international days celebrations with 397,000 people from 110 nations and territories participating.

Other Sponsors Included: