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The Quality of Life Last Updated on 2016-10-29 20:35:27 So long as we continue to breathe life goes on. It continues, proceeds, abides. All Life is quantitative.      Our minutes become hours, then days.      Our days become weeks, then months.       Our months become years                 throughout a lifetime.     Our life is a process-a series of steps     upward or downward to somewhere.        We are ever departing, arriving,          departing again. Yet we are always               in a somewhere partaking of                   the strange and the... More »
Lion Guardians - Coexistence between people and lions (Maa w/subtitles) Last Updated on 2015-03-24 09:14:20 Published on Aug 2, 2013 The Lion Guardians monitor lion movements, warn pastoralist when lions are in the area, recover lost livestock, reinforce livestock corrals and intervene to stop lion hunting parties. Collectively these efforts lead to a reduction in the loss of livestock, which in turn enhances the livelihoods of the local people and builds tolerance for lions and other wildlife. This film shows how enrollment in the Lion Guardians program becomes a life-changing experience for the warriors involved and how the program can benefit your community. Lion Guardians® Our mission is to promote sustainable coexistence between people and lions using cultural values, community participation and science. Just over 60 years ago there were estimated to be more than half a million lions in Africa. Today fewer than 30,000 remain. The Lion Guardians program was created to help... More »
Humanity is ending its Goldlilocks geological era Last Updated on 2015-01-29 15:06:36 In the space of one lifetime, human interference is bringing the conditions of the Holocene - the only ones in which we know we can flourish - to an end, writes Geoffrey Lean. It has been a Goldilocks geological era. The last 11,700 years have not been too hot, or too cold, too wet or too dry and have witnessed an earth well provided with freshwater and a great array of biomes and life. They have provided almost a planetary ceasefire after a long history of abrupt swings between very much more hostile hot and cold conditions. So it is not surprising that it has been in the Holocene (the term comes from the Greek words for "whole" and "new") that human civilisation was born, grew and spread. We entered it as a few hunter-gatherers, but have now grown so dominant that scientists believe that we are ourselves bringing the Goldilocks era to an end, with unknown –... More »
Proper Education Last Updated on 2014-11-15 17:33:30     Download on ministryofsound.com: https://bitly.com/PROPERED-MOS Check out all of our classic videos in our awesome Ministry of Sound 'Classics' playlist!! Music "Proper Education (Radio Edit)" by Eric Prydz, Pink Floyd (Google Play • eMusic • iTunes • AmazonMP3) Artist Eric Prydz More »
Cheryl Charles / TEDX Last Updated on 2014-09-16 16:37:43 This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Cheryl Charles TEDx Crescent School June 20, 2014 Cheryl Charles is an innovator, entrepreneur, educator, author and organizational executive. Cheryl is Co-Founder and Principal of Hawksong Associates, a consulting firm focused on organizational development and diffusion of innovation. She is also Co-Founder, President and CEO Emerita of the Children & Nature Network, a non-profit organization she and Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, founded with others in 2006, dedicated to building a worldwide movement to re-connect children and nature. Cheryl has worked internationally since the 1970s; beginning with teacher education she later was instrumental in bringing the innovative interdisciplinary environment education curricula,... More »