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There can be no peace without justice 
and no justice without sustainability.

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Disney Animal Kingdom Experiential Learning Registration Last Updated on 2018-04-16 14:41:43   NO FURTHER RESERVATIONS WITHOUT PERMISSION Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Experiential Learning April 22, 2018 Join us this coming Mother Earth Day  at the Walt Disney Animal Kingdom as we explore how Disney puts their sustainability policy into practice.  This trip is one of the two options for assignment 2 of Module 6 for the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Course. Highlights of the tour include: History of the Animal Kingdom, and sustainability policy The process of story telling and eductainment messaging through the Kilimanjaro Safari Walks through the Gorilla Falls Exploration trail and the Maharajah Jungle Trek Ecotourism promoted through the Kali Rapids Special Earth Day exhibits and environmental education at Rafiki Planet Watch Conversations with Disney Cast members on sustainability programs and policy Sharing culture through Expedition... More »
Sustainability and Earth’s Call Last Updated on 2018-04-12 20:21:23 “No straw, please,” I say to the waiter, committed to contributing one less bit of plastic to the burgeoning landfill or the Pacific garbage gyre. Can I trust the menu that indicates this seafood is “sustainably fished” or should I pull out my latest app to double check? For that matter, I wonder, can any fishing really be sustainable given the state of our oceans? A restaurant meal can quickly become a nexus of commitment and concern. (Are these tomatoes local? Free of pesticides? Were the workers paid a living wage? Oh, wait; they’re out of season anyway.) We’ve changed our light bulbs, switched to sustainable power, and drive a hybrid. And yet these day-to-day choices we make in the hopes of living sustainably seem not only confusing but woefully insufficient to the challenges of our time.   Sustainability is often defined as balancing... More »
Future's Workshop With Joe Tankersley Last Updated on 2018-03-29 15:34:39 Futures Workshop This interactive workshop will introduce participants to the tools of strategic foresight and share methods for using futures thinking as a way to create more robust strategies for sustainable tourism. Strategic foresight traces its origins to the work of systems thinking pioneers like the Rand Corporation in the days following the second world war. The same techniques were further developed by NASA’s Futures Team in the early 70s as a way to help the organization reimagine its future after the end of the Apollo program. Since then futures teams have been created for global businesses, national governments, and nonprofits. As we enter an era of ever-increasing uncertainty and accelerating change, futures teams and foresight thinking become even more important. The unique approach helps to broaden participants’ horizons, overcome hidden biases, and... More »
Global Healing Annual Report 2017 Last Updated on 2018-03-28 13:50:20 Submitted by Rebecca Tobias - Global Healing Director The WHALE Center has long been affiliated with and is in active Cooperation Circle of the United Religions initiative. UR.org has over 900 CC's worldwide and is active in over 104 countries. The Purpose of URI is, "to promote enduring daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings." This year our CC Global Healing has been actively engaged in designing concordant programming with several CC's regionally and internationally to broaden interfaith and intercultural understanding as well as ecological wisdom in community. Locally this has included efforts with SolarCities CC and Protecting and Restoring the Sacred CC in stewarding the Open House and serving on the Board of Directors of the Rosebud Continuum... More »
Pakistan Global Healing 2017 Annual Report Last Updated on 2018-03-28 13:46:06       ANNUAL REPORT 2017 GLOBAL HEALING INITIATIVE LAHORE PAKISTAN submitted by Patras Dewan   PREFACE:   FORCEFULLY CONVERSION TO ISLAM IN PAKISTAN:   The abuses of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are some of the starkest examples of persecution in Pakistan. They have been devastating for minorities, including Christians, who must always act with caution in case an allegation of blasphemy is raised to settle a personal score. This year, a blasphemy case was brought against a boy for simply responding to a cartoon about Islam on social media.   Society in general is becoming increasingly Islamic in Pakistan, and Christians make up just 2 percent of the population. There are reports of Christians being treated aggressively simply for wearing a cross, and cars with Christian stickers are more likely to be stopped by the police. But... More »